Sign on you Crazy Diamond

So Bob Diamond is now on the dole…. Wel, of course he isn’t but he IS out of a job and today he sat before a parliamentary committee to answer questions on the rate rigging affair.

If ever there was a classic example of the need for a judiciary enquiry rather than a parliamentary one, this was it. How did he feel, he was asked ( by a Nasty Party member) when he found out about the rate rigging?
How did he feel, how did he feel? Do we care? It was left to Labour members to suggest that he was either complicit or incompetent, given what he was paid, that he didn’t know what was going on.
Mr. Diamond apologised. So that’s alright then.

At the same time, Cameron was facing an energised Ed Miliband at PMQ’s in the Commons.
Quite rightly, Miliband continued to push for a full judge led inquiry, since over 50% of Nasty Party funding comes from the City and therefore, Cameron is keen to hold as much control as possible over this enquiry, making it a ‘snow job’ rightly claimed Miliband. Easily his best performance for a while, Miliband continues his epiphany following his forthright attack on Murdoch, during the phone hacking investigation.
Meanwhile, droves of people are switching their accounts from Barclays, sick of the Big Banking take all mentality.


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