Corruption Watch 2

Following on with indecent haste from CW1, here we are already with another example of what life is like in the UK, this time in Olympic year.
Several years ago, a small part of the UK celebrated the fact that London won the bid to host the 2012 Olympic Games. I say certain parts because in the north of the UK, we could see little or no benefit to anywhere other than London. In a way that could be acceptable, if it were not for the fact that LOCOG appears to be, well, cocking it up.
One of the things I learnt when dealing with contract staff in any form is that you have to keep a tight rein on them and severely manage their expectations, so it came as a surprise to me to read today that G4S, arguably the UK’s leading security company, who these days also read your electricity meter, seems to be suffering from the new disease, power without responsibility.

In this case, the power comes from the the contract, agreed sometime ago, let’s be clear, to supply 13,700 security staff for the Olympics at the not immodest sum of £284m.
OK so far?
Well, unfortunately, with 2 weeks to go, G4S have precisely 4000 staff in place and are now (madly) trying to recruit the remaining 9000, they are, it assures us, in the pipeline.
Those in the pipeline, it transpires, can’t read, have no security vetting, no training and, like G4S, unfortunately, appear to be clueless as to what is going on.

If you’re in the UK, don’t expect to have your meter read anytime soon……..


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