The growing gap between rich and poor

A man walks three miles to try to obtain some food. Africa? An area ravaged by some sort of natural disaster?
No, welcome to Coventry in the UK and a growing trend of life under the Nasties. Many are victims of benefit cuts, job losses or simply have had their hours cut to a level that means they fall below the poverty line. It has to be said many of them also immigrants who have exploited the loose immigration rules and come to England with its perceived generous benefits system. But the Nasties are cutting benefits and companies are cutting jobs.
So here is another example of the poor bearing the brunt of the banks excesses and governments refusal to recoup money from them or even to legislate them more stringently.
In Coventry there are 11 food banks alone and many more in other cities in the UK. Meanwhile the sales of premier goods; useful things like handbags and SUVs continues to grow as the rich develop what they see as their right to avoid paying tax and thus contribute to the society in which they live.
But it is the government who must take the blame for this current situation. Ideologically driven they have little or no experience of life. Take the Prime Minister, David Cameron. Etonian educated, Oxbridge university reading a non major degree, MP and now PM without holding any sort of ministerial post. They don’t come much worse qualified than this.
It is now clear that, barring mass electoral insanity ( not unknown in the UK, let’s be clear), the Nasties are doomed to be a one term government. This though is lending wings to their heels as they attempt the biggest transfer of state services, like the NHS, to the private sector, to such an extent that Labour, if it wins in 2015, will struggle to overturn many of these swingeing cuts against the very poorest in our society.
Meanwhile, the food banks proliferate whilst sales of champagne continue to grow.


2 responses to “The growing gap between rich and poor

  1. Sounds all too familiar. The current Republican majority in the U.S. Congress will not consider any type of Compromise even when it is in the best interest of the country and supported by the majority. Compromise is not a dirty word. Corruption is rampant and the pay gap here between rich and poor is extensive.

    I am a great fan of your photographs.

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