Corruption Watch 3

Yet again we have another example of those in power developing, in some cases, rapidly, amnesia and lack of responsibility.
Today Andy Coulson, the ex Director of Communications to the PM, “Dave” Cameron, was charged in connection with the phone hacking scandal and will stand trial.
It’s worth it then, to rewind to hear the Prime Ministers response when this charge first came to light: ” David Cameron has said very clearly he was assured by Mr. Coulson he had no involvement , no knowledge and he accepted that”.
Bear in mind this is the Prime Minister of the UK and its breathtaking in its naivety. Once again we have apparent power without responsibility, but also we, the electorate are deemed to be stupid in that we are expected to believe that the most senior politician in the land accepts the word of someone, recently employed by a newspaper magnate with Tory leanings, without even thinking of having checks run to verify the statement.
This massively suggests collusion and whether Cameron should be considering his position. He won’t resign, of course, no one does these days, I just hope the UK electorate can develop enough of a long term memory to bear these shenanigans in mind in 2015.


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