Corruption Watch 4

Republicans, it appears will go to any lengths to ensure that Mitt Romney wins the 2012 presidential race this November. Karl Rove the ex Bush strategist has targeted a number of swing states that will be crucial in determining the presidential outcome and the sitting state law makers are bringing in new laws to disenfranchise Democrat voters.
These include a lifelong voting ban in Florida on anyone convicted of a felony, including fully 1.3 million Floridians who have served their sentences. Additionally, Florida is also reducing the early voting hours, which traditionally has benefited black workers who use their local churches. All this and more is motivated, the republicans say, by a desire to eliminate fraud. It just so happens all the restrictions being sought – and not all proposals are being accepted by the electoral commission- are targeting Democrat voters. It’s estimated that the final figure for exclusion could run to millions.
Romney is visiting the UK and meeting with PM Cameron, expect a sharing of ideas.
A fuller version of this can be found here


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