Kinder Scout

My local ‘mountain’ is actually in the Peak District – in this case the Dark Peak rather than the White Peak. Its not high in the scheme of things and has no pinnacle you can call a summit.  Instead it can be a very scary plateau or a source of extreme exhilaration. Use it to test your compass skills by crossing it by heading alone and you feel an intense source of satisfaction (There are few if any, valid way points to latch on to) In mist or when snow is on the ground, it can be frustrating, disorientating and occasionally deadly.  The peat “groughs” or deep channels worn away by erosion, fill up with snow and can be 12′ deep.  Try climbing out of one of those on your own….

But on a sunny day it can be benign and spectacular.  We had a walk out  to take in part of the southern edges path via the Woolpacks.  These are a collection of stones hewn by wind and erosion to create a fantastic natural theme park – again, not without danger as some of the gaps in between the stones are 6′ deep and are real ankle breakers.  In mist when they loom up at you, they are positively spooky, but here they are at their best.



One response to “Kinder Scout

  1. Love Kinder! My best time to go is when it is frosty and the bog freezes over! Too true about the navigational aspect – NOTHING hardly to go off hence why it makes a good training walk for Silver Duke of Edinburgh!

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