This years Grand Tour

The day is drawing close for the start of this years”Grand Tour” not quite as far reaching as those of old but for us its an adventure nonetheless.
We haven’t flown for about 3 years now. It’s just a choice thing; I had tired a long time ago of being treated like cattle on the plane and being treated the same at the airport was the last straw. So now we go by train. Yes it takes longer, but it’s also a part of the holiday and not something to be endured at either end of the holiday.
So, via Virgin, Eurostar and TGV, we will leave home and arrive in Turin next Tuesday. I still don’t know if I will take the iPad, which will allow me to blog whilst we’re away. The alternative of course is to take my paper holiday diary as usual.
From Turin, we take a car to Portofino, then on to Livorno for a week, during which we’ll try to take ferries to Elba and/or Capri and a train trip to Firenze, before driving back to Turin for one night and the TGV back home.
It all starts on Monday, the packing is (sort of) underway.


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