Grand Tour day -1

When everything is planned down to the last detail it comes as a shock when you get your passport out to find it expired last June.
This was me on Friday and a curious silence descended on the bedroom as we both silently digested the options.
I’ll cut out some of the gorier bits but after many phone calls to IPS, I found out I had the last available appointment in the UK before the 6th at 0915 on Sunday morning.
So up I was at 0315 to drive to London from Manchester. Now I won’t say the IPS were efficient but the doors opened at 0855 and I was back on the street at 0910, done and dusted.
Monday, when we came back down to London as scheduled I picked up the finished article and we were finally on our way.
That first beer never tasted so good….
I wasn’t sure how many other people would be there ona Sunday morning; there must have been 200!
Here the queue.



One response to “Grand Tour day -1

  1. Oh no! That’s a bit of a last min drama. Thankfully sorted though. Seems you weren’t the only one who had a hurry for a passport then!

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