Grand Tour, Turin – a taster

Turin is not an obvious tourist stop off.  None of the obvious ‘honey pots’ here, though it does host the Shroud, of which more anon.  In many ways it reminded me of my home city of Manchester – apart from the weather that is!

Both are northern cities, based on industry; in the case of Turin of course, it’s the home of FIAT.  And both have interesting architectural features.  There is an honesty and openness about cities like this and we liked Turin.  It has some magnificent piazzas and the streets are based on the Roman grid system, so you can stand (briefly) in the middle of a cross roads and seemingly see for miles in any direction.  There are no towering edifices to dominate the skyline; in one direction the mountains between Italy and France dominate, so a skyline is not a photo to go for here.  To complement the grid system, there are also 11km of colonnaded pavements which afford cool walking even in the heat of the day.

We went out every morning  in our 3 night stay and found something of interest and I’ll break it up into chunks if not actual day by day accounts.  In the meantime after the grainy photos of the iPhone , the Canon came out and we finally have some decent quality shots.  (Well I think so anyway!!)

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