The Grand Tour – Turin Market

The guide book mentioned that a market is held every day until 1300 in the Piazza della Republica. Now on the map that’s a big Piazza Charlie  (- sorry couldn’t resist the Italian Job subtext…) so off we went.

We arrived about 1130 and the market was very much in full swing and it was enormous, filling the piazza completely with something around, I would guess, 200 stalls.  Mainly fruit and veg of the size and colour that Tesco’s would never countenance – you know, slightly off red and nuclear in their size and shape – oh! and NOT shrink wrapped.  On holiday,  eating out can be expensive, but here was how to eat if you live in Italy.  Peppers the size of small footballs.  Watermelons like zeppelins, tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes, courgettes, round, long, small, purple, veined, black.  Mountains of wonderful fruit and veg all shouting BUY ME!!

Veg was centre stage but flowers also put on a show and over to one side, you could even buy a bra……..


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