Grand Tour, Turin Time Traveller.

One of the big surprises of Turin was the magnificent Egyptian Museum, which is populated by a relatively  (to me) unknown archaeologist called Schiaparelli.  It’s the second largest collection of artefacts outside of Egypt itself and houses the complete collections of two tombs and some notable statues.

I’ll include a longer post of these and lots more pictures, but this one intrigued me.  It’s a complete mummy of a man and I stood and looked at him for a long time and realised whoever he is, he is now travelling time.  He has already been travelling for 3,000 years and although he is resting now in his glass case, all being well, people will still be looking at him in hundreds – maybe thousands? – of years from now.  It makes me quite emotional when I look at this photo.

Turin Time Traveller


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