Good Clouds, Bad Clouds

mmmm, can you have good and bad clouds?  I think so, here’s why.

My nephew (bless him) has a villa in N Cyprus.  The last time we were there was in October when the weather can be a little more unsettled than in say, June or certainly August.

However, we like the quiet and the opportunity to chill – unfortunate word that one…

It has uninterrupted views to the sea and one morning I snapped these beautifully architectural clouds hovering over the sea.

Good clouds?  Well from a photographers perspective, you have to say so.  Maybe Turkey didn’t feel that way sitting under them.

Bad clouds??

Well the following day, these clouds were hovering over the neighbours villa……..





I call these the Independence Day clouds and they deposited so much rain on the hill behind that it  filled his pool with sand and blocked all his filters.

Weather huh?? Crazy!!


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