You can’t beat a GOOD burger

The subtext of the blog is food, photographs, beer and of late I have been remiss on food and beer.
I stopped eating “commercial” burgers some time ago and for a while languished without them. However when the mood is right, nothing beats the wonderful comfort of a proper burger, so I have spent no little time in creating what I now modestly suggest is, if not perfect, right along side. I feel therefore I should share this with you.
I use good quality mince from the supermarket, not the bottom end basic ranges but something above that. One tray makes 4 1/4 pounders usually. Turn the meat into a large bowl and break it up. Add two spoons of salt, a spoon of dried herbs, several generous grinds of black pepper and a good heaped spoonful of chilli flakes, seeds and all. Mix well, squeezing the mix thoroughly to make sure everything is combined. Now leave in the fridge overnight.
Next day divide into four and shape roughly into a burger shape – or a star shape if it pushes your buttons. No need to add egg, breadcrumbs or anything. The trick is, the salt binds the meat together.
We serve these on an individual ciabatta, nothing else is really robust enough. My son makes these slightly thinner, then grates some cheese on one, presses a second burger on top and seals the edges, so he ends up with melted cheese in the middle. Oh and he serves bacon on the top as well…..


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