Grand Tour Turin, The Mole

Now here you were, maybe expecting more on Egypt and I toss you a Mole!  Actually the Mole Antonelliana is the highest monument in Italy and if you see a picture of Turin with a great big spire thing soaring sywards…well, that’s the Mole.  Originally, built to be  a synagogue, the Jews took flight – or fright –  at some stage and it was never consecrated as a synagogue.  Instead it lay unused for some time before Turin, how inventive – turned into a Museum of Film!  And that is what it is to this day.

The dome is ‘hollow’ inside where a glass sided elevator takes you right up the middle to a viewing gallery at the top of the dome.  Meanwhile there is a walkway which threads its way around the walls of the dome offering pictures of films stars, some great, some gone, some great AND gone.  Cast a glance over the side at any time and you see a somewhat bizarre view of people lying on sun loungers.  Yes they are!  The recliners are there to allow comfortable viewing of various film clips in each corner of the vast room.  All told we spent three hours in there.  Well done Torino!!



One response to “Grand Tour Turin, The Mole

  1. The first time I found out about the Mole was when I watched an episode of The Amazing Race, and I was blown away by its sheer size. I guess a visit to Turin won’t be complete without going to this place.

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