Corruption Watch 5

Seems a long time since we had a CW update, but the Nasties are always on their best behaviour during Party Conference time.
One of the changes made by the present UK government is the way corporations pay tax ( or not, it seems).
It has just been reported that Starbucks, UK turnover, £398bn, not, not a typo, paid exactly 0 % tax.
Sorry, run that by me again?

Sure, I’ll spell it out for you.
UK turnover for 2011, three hundred and ninety eight BILLION. TAX PAID, NIL.

Unfortunately, they are not alone, here’s some more;
McDonalds, UK turnover, again 2011, £12.25bn, tax paid, £42m. OK Ronald paid some taxes, but at a derisory rate of 3.4%.
Amazon? Our best friend when it comes to shopping? Maybe we should look inside ourselves; £208m turnover, £1.9m tax paid at a rate of 0.9%.
Finally in this litany of shame, our old friends GOOGLE, £396m turnover, £3.5m tax paid at another rate of 0.9%.

So who actually is corrupt here? Well all these global corporations rightly say, utilising a certain amount of weasel words, that they pay the tax they have to pay.

And they’re right (unfortunately).

No the corruption lies, as usual with the Nasties. For in their current legislation, they are slashing the benefits of disabled, long term unemployed, closing libraries, trying to privatise essential services like the NHS, whilst allowing and legislating for, multi billion pound companies to cream money out of the UK without paying their dues.

You have to ask the question:

Why would you do that; What sort of people are they?

They are definitely not like us.


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