2012 Grand Tour, Turin times

In the UK certainly, round about 5 o’clock in the evening is what’s known as early doors. This means if you are working, you head out of the office, into a pub or bar and have a couple of beers.

On holiday, “beer o’clock” can vary as you have noticed whilst reading this blog. In Turin five o’clock means just one thing; ice cream.

Suddenly people are everywhere on the street, some clutching shopping bags, some rubbing sleep from their eyes, some thanking their lucky stars they survived the Shroud Museum……
Queues form outside ice cream parlours where bewildering choices of 25-30 flavours of ice cream await to tempt.

And there is nothing like Italian ice cream. That creamy sumptuousness mixed with the delicate and subtle flavours is an entrancing combination and for a brief period, nothing else matters. People find a bench or squat on the floor, saunter with their bags, or just stand and enjoy the moment.

Next stop, seven o’clock and aperitivos, but that’s another story!


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