2012 Grand Tour, A last look at Turin

I mentioned previously aperitivos and they are  a big thing in Turin; in fact I seem to remember they were ‘invented here’.  We read somewhere in the guidebook that bars competed to put on the best offering so one evening we sauntered into the local square and ordered two Campari sodas. The waiter brought back the drinks and no less than 5 small plates of nibbles.

Small things on toast, like slice olives topped with a tiny swirl of mashed potato, tuna, a small pizza, some delicate wafer thin swirls of dried ham and some lightly grilled pieces of artichoke heart set on a tiny slice of bread.

Surprisingly filling and as Carol said, if we have another drink here I won’t want anything else to eat!

Lastly, as I said in an earlier post, Turin reminded me of Manchester my home city.  Northern, industrial and with some great architecture.  Heres a last glimpse of this very likeable city before we move on to Portofino, which where things started to turn a bit nasty……..



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