2012 Grand Tour Livorno 4 – The Promenade

As I’ve said before Livorno is a holiday spot for Italians rather than tourists.  We’re generally comfortable with this as you tend to see a proper slice of Italy – or any country come to that. Livorno has long been a seaside spot for Tuscans and had a very nice bathing club right on the front, where a cabin could be rented.  We thought they were big enough to sleep in as we overlooked it from the hotel and people were often sat out late into the evening playing cards and cultivating the BBQ.  It seemed a very civilised way to do things even if the cabins would obviously be cramped, it would be a fun time for sure.


The bathing club

The bathing club


However the main architectural feature of Livorno was the promenade, a marvellous swoop of Art Deco work carried out in the 1920’s but sadly, still looking slightly unfinished.  Although the paving is complete, there are large areas in between crying out for a fountain or a well tended. or even carelessly tended, flower bed.  It was a pleasure to walk along it in the evening on the way into town to find somewhere to eat, watching the sun go down.



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