2012 Grand Tour, Livorno – A photo

I occasionally experience frustration when I read news of another, to me, mediocre painting achieving a vast sale price. There is no doubt that many artists have a gift, others ride a wave. My frustration stems in part, from the fact that photographers can never achieve that same level of remuneration for their work.
I know there is a big difference between ‘snapping’ a picture and spending hours constructing a painting, but there is skill in both; one achieves a greater reward than the other.
My son said to me once when we were on a tour watching people snapping away at this and that, “That’s the difference with you Dad, every picture you take means something”.
That’s another reason I have never been very good with a point and shoot camera. Oh, I carry a little Nikon with me or the iPhone, but I’m happiest nestling behind a view finder, shifting slightly, zooming, until the composition is what I want.
This is a simple picture which I took because it reminded me of paintings I’ve seen (to illustrate my original point). It could come from one of the American schools or even David Hockney?
It’s the balcony of the room next to us at the hotel and I just liked it.

I hope you do too!



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