2013 and a new project

First off for 2013, I’d like to wish everyone a happy and productive new year. I also agree with Virgil who stated that ” health is wealth” so be healthy.

I’d like to thank everyone who dropped by the blog and better still, stayed by following. With that in mind I feel a certain responsibility to deliver something interesting for 2013.

I would like to offer you my home city, Manchester. Many of you who do follow me are not resident in the UK, so I hope to combine photography with a little history of this great city of which I am very proud. This will be good for me as I guess I take my city for granted sometimes and don’t photo it enough, so I hope the impetus of the project will spur me on- and that’s about the only resolution I think I’ll make!!

As you may be aware, Manchester is in the north west of the UK, sitting inland from the coast and a little south of the Lake District.

It was once an industrial powerhouse and these days that spirit of the entrepreneur still survives. The dark satanic mills are now loft apartments, the slums have gone, but there is still industry evident in terms of media, manufacturing and an increasingly developing IT hub.

The photo I have chosen to kick off this project highlights two things,
1. Contrary to popular opinion, it doesn’t always rain in Manchester.
2. The diversity in architecture which is typifying the bold developments within the city.

The Angel pub is a classic and one of my favourites. It had grand piano as you walk in, a row of hand pumps on the bar serving good, real ale and round the corner, in winter, a blazing log fire where toes can be toasted.
The building behind is one of many new buildings which are bold in design and which some disapprove of. I took the shot because it encapsulated old and new.

I hope you like it and I hope you’ll join me on the journey.



One response to “2013 and a new project

  1. I know very little about Manchester so that’s great stuff! I shall await my education and good luck on your project too!

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