Corruption Watch er, 7?

Those of us with good, rather than selective memories, well remember how things were before Thatcher came to power and set about dismantling the manufacturing base in this country and handed, for a song, all the major assets of the UK to her friends in the City and contributors to the Nasty, er Tory party.
In the interim to the present day, we have suffered a continuing unjustified rise in costs of the various privatised “services”, but arguably, none more so, than at the hands of the energy business.
Like many of these privatised businesses, their business model is to first sandbag the government, then ride roughshod over inflation with massive price rises in unit costs and lastly, award equally massive pay outs to their undeserving (senior) staff.
Nowhere is this better demonstrated than today’s announcement which stated that because of the present cold snap in the UK, energy prices would DOUBLE. I make no apology for the rather excessive use of capital letters, but at one time, a responsible company would run its business such that it had reserves of stock, in this case energy, to offset peak times of demand. Not these days, because privatised businesses are now “legislated” by largely toothless government appointed bodies, in this case, OFGEM, they can do what they like.
In this case doing what they like means, Centrica, the British Gas company, awarding FIVE of their senior staff bonuses of £16m. Yes, that’s right, between just five people.
Today these two occurrences shouldn’t mean that re-nationalisation is a legitimate debate within parliament, it should be compulsory.


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