Jewish Museum, Berlin

We spent an enjoyable city break in Berlin recently. It’s a city I’ve always wanted to visit since reading the Len Deighton / John Le Carre cold war novels.  Oh to be in Berlin at the time of the wall!  I know it brought much heartbreak and family separation and, yes, death, so I don’t say it in a flippant way.  But to see the path of the wall, which is faithfully laid out  now, its one of those unique things which for a photographer, must have been a stunning sight, if a heartbreaking and terrifying one for those families who lived through that experience.

So, the Jewish Museum is NOT a Holocaust Memorial, that is in another part of the city.  Rather this is a museum of the Jewish faith and history, but which touches on the Holocaust; how could it not?

In particular, the corridor containing the castings of faces crying out.  Visitors were encouraged to walk on these to signify the attempt to crush the Jews in Germany and beyond.  Berlin, as a city, has confronted head on, Germany’s involvement in the Holocaust and it is to its credit.


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