Manchester, Curves and Straight Lines

I was browsing the first set of photos that I took for my Manchester project and was looking to post another batch of photos by area in Manchester.  However, when I started to look at them, a second theme emerged.  Like most photographers I guess, when I go out with my camera, I may have something in mind, but then there’s also the opportunity to snap the somewhat different or unusual.

I realised that I had shot quite a few in this latter category, hence the title of this post.  I do love the juxtaposition of curves and straight lines, so here is a good mix for you.  A lot of them are in the Castlefield Basin which represents the ‘start” of the Cheshire Ring, a 90 mile canal route.  Manchester has many miles of canals, many of them going under main roads.  They linked into the Manchester Ship Canal at the height of the Industrial Revolution and allowed many mills to take cotton straight into their warehouses from barges.

More of that in another post , for now here’s those curves…


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