Manchester, some street furniture

The quality of the structure of the buildings in Manchester owes much to the days of the Industrial Revolution and in particular, the cotton industry, which made Manchester and Lancashire, the main areas of wealth within England for a while.  During that time, cotton ‘barons’ strove to outdo each with the style of building which housed their companies.  More of this in an upcoming post.  However, strolling around Manchester, its easy to spot some of the things that the excellent City Council do to brighten up otherwise perhaps the  mundane aspects of walking the streets.

Check these out:

In Stevenson Square, there are two blocks of concrete which the council have given over to graffiti artists.  The work must be of good quality and non offensive.  These works of art are given air time for a while and are then replaced.  Its a clever idea which works very well, in my opinion.




Here’s a few more, taken at different times.

IMG_9365 IMG_9363 IMG_9364



Additionally there are other little items, on the streets for the keen eyed, for example:



Street names in the Northern Quarter are white on blue if running E-W and blue on white, if running N-S.

Check out the small mosaic as well.



Here again in the NQ, is a piece of street poetry set into the pavement.



And even the trees on the pavements receive some rather ornate protection. Such a pity some of them are used as litter bins!




And of course:


Man 018 God Man_3


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