Corruption Watch 10

Any suggestion that the Tory party is changing in any way to reflect the needs of the greater populace should be swept aside by the latest piece of privatisation, the Royal Mail.
Despite spending millions on financial advice by the City, those self styled Masters of the Universe, the trading today reflected a massive premium of the share piece at launch.
Initial trading showed a profit of 70p per share.
Whilst some small investors may be thinking, “that’ll do for Christmas”, the bulk of the shares were only available to large institutions and their profits will run to millions.
So what, does this mean?
Two things, no make that three.
Firstly, the sale of RM was deliberately under valued ensuring massive profits for Tory friends in the City. Some of this will drip back as contributions to the next election campaign.
Secondly, the Treasury and the British people have been robbed of an even greater windfall at a time when we are told by our government that “we’re all in this together”. A greater sale price would have been better able to balance the books of UK plc, instead, this government simply chose to line the pockets of its supporters.
Lastly, not only does it demonstrate the corrupt nature of this government, but also the limp backbone of the Lib Dem half of the coalition, who must surely face wipeout at the 2015 election as penance.



2 responses to “Corruption Watch 10

  1. Wow ! Sorry to hear that. Just when I thought the U.S. might have the worst/corrupted Government on the Planet, it appears the British may be trying to take first place. I can’t understand why many politicians are out to destroy government for personal and party gain over what is best for the country. Hope your situation improves in 2015 and ours in the 2014 election.

    • Yes unfortunately, even though governmental these days seem to be populated by the rich, it seems they can’t get enough, often at the expense of those less fortunate.
      Thanks for stopping by.

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