Lakes Weekend, The Climbers Traverse

Climbers traverse pan

From Left to right: Langdale pikes, The Band (foreground), Pike o’ Blisco, Crinkle Crags, Steps leading on to the Traverse. (Click for a larger view).

An object lesson here in not setting too much store by memories (fond or otherwise).  The Saturday walk was to climb Bowfell using the Climbers Traverse.  This is a track off to the right of the main path to Three Tarns, which goes around the back of Bowfell and is used by, you’ve guessed it, climbers who wish to access Cambridge Crag.  We had previously used this route some years ago and pronounced it a favourite.  Then we had lunch underneath The Great Slab watching the ravens fly upside down.

The ascent up to the traverse steepens as the start of the traverse is reached, so we welcomed the fact that it was lunchtime and we could take in the view. (See above).

Lunch over we stepped on to the path and into the quiet. Now it wasn’t just quiet because of the nature of the valley, which is more secluded.  No, we suddenly realised why it’s called the climbers traverse.  At times it was more tightrope than path and jinked up and down the hill side, a steep, sometimes sheer drop to our right.  We clung onto anything we could, including our resolve, until we came to the broad platform at the end of the traverse and the crags came into full view. Only then did cameras come out to record some of what we achieved and why it was worthwhile.

Cambridge Crag, with climbers.

Cambridge Crag, with climbers.

The end of the traverse.

The end of the traverse.

Not much path visible - not much path!

Not much path visible – not much path!

Taking in the view.

Taking in the view.


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