Lakes Weekend – a last look

After Saturday’s gorgeous weather, it was hard to credit that sunday would come with pouring rain and coming at you horizontally as it only can in the Lakes.  Nevertheless, it didn’t spoil an excellent weekend, though we have along since ceased to set off in the rain on a walk.

But, reflecting on Saturday again, I looked through all the pictures I had taken and was taken by how good the light was.  There are certain times of day (early morning, late afternoon) when the sun doesn’t have its glare yet and can throw interesting shadows.  Similarly, there are times of the year , on a clear winter’s day or like Saturday, a fresh Autumn day, clear skies and the sun low enough to create and then remove shadows.

Here is a random selection from the day, where I was conscious I was snapping the same shot, but from a different angle, at a different time.


Early morning and Pike o’ Blisco is deep in shadow.


Looking across to Mickledon and Rossett Ghill from the Band


I clicked off a shot of these fern and thought “Whats the brown lump”


OH! Hello!!


Early afternoon now and Pike o’ Blisco is in sun.


Late afternoon now, the sky has cleared and Red Tarn is blue as blue.


The final descent and we paused on the Band.  This tree looked for all the world like a bonsai

IMG_9799Side Pike in front and behind is Lingmoor Fell, which we climbed on Friday.


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