In between sifting through my photos, (regular readers will know this is a slow process, in my case at least) I occasionally become wound up by supposedly intelligent people making crass, sometimes idiotic, statements in the press.
Here is today’s version:
It was brought about by a recent report by a think tank that Britain’s population would rise by several million over the next few years, driven largely by immigration and the children of those immigrants. This, as it usually does, divides the country neatly down the middle. (Unlike America, Britain is not an immigrant country per se and any statement along these lines can be guaranteed to fire a certain percentage of the population.)
However, the quote I read did tend to verge on the highly stoopid, as follows; “People migrate to a country because there are jobs there. If this creates problems, it is nothing compared to the problems of a declining population”.

Now at the movement, because of the Nasties iniquitous economic ineptitude, we currently have the highest rate of joblessness for about 20 years. Privatised companies, safe behind firewalls of unexplainable government subsidies and above inflation price rises, can cheerfully shed jobs to cut their costs, even if it means poor service is the result, because, well, they just don’t care.
As to people coming because there are jobs (which there aren’t), it might be suggested that, actually they’re coming because, we’re world famous for being a soft touch, People jet in to the country, have an expensive operation done on the NHS and fly home again. This is a Loop hole that we are slowly getting round to closing. An even better one would be to specify that, if you do wish to come to our country, you must have a pre arranged job offer, as in Australia, and by the way, you won’t qualify for any benefits until you have paid at least 5 years income tax.
Does this sound racist? No, it’s economic sense. Nearly all new immigrants stay in London on arrival, where housing is both in short supply and very expensive. This puts strain on an already overcrowded infrastructure.
Additionally, we have the highest percentage of 18-25 year olds out of work than EVER before.
So, sorry Mr. commentator, you’re wrong on an economic front and also, why shouldn’t we look after our own first , they are this country’s future.


One response to “Immigration

  1. England and the United States differ on some internal social, political and economic matters, and immigration is one of the biggest problems we face today. As you say it is splitting our country right down the middle. I agree with you on setting strict requirements and regulations for all immigrants wishing to enter the country.
    However, we are so historically related and dependant on each other for peace and security in a world of conflict and terrorist, that political divide on internal matters, like immigration, will have little effect on overall relations between our two countries.
    We will always be good friends.
    Take care.

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