A word a week photography challenge – waiting

I’m a compulsive picture taker at stations.  I love the thought of different people going off to different places, or waiting for people to arrive – or cursing late trains!!


DSC00046 DSC00047 crowd1 glas stat3 DSC00298_2 DSC00299 IMG_6832 camera 015_2


6 responses to “A word a week photography challenge – waiting

  1. I am in love with the first shot. It’s so classic! The lady on the right has her head tipped just a little as if she is puzzling over the departure times. I also really like the third one… the angle you used and all the space at the bottom leading up to the man with the bicycle is fascinating. Great images for this prompt!

    • THank you. You highlighted two of my favourites too! I also like the couple whom I vignetted. In a crowded place, they somehow managed to be alone…

      Thanks for dropping by.


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