Manchester Salford Quays 1

One of the Pomona dock basins

One of the Pomona dock basins

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I had an afternoon  in Manchester recently with the aim of photographing the last unrestored dock, the Pomona Dock. (Pomona, goddess of fruitfulness).  The docks of Manchester lie at one end of the Manchester Ship Canal and were the recipients of thousands of tonnes of materials, at the height of the industrial revolution after Manchester was linked to Liverpool and the open sea, via the canal.

Nowadays, even the Pomona Dock is undergoing a sea change – as it were – , so this first set of photos is more of a documentary nature rather than arty photography.  However, I discovered that the canal towpath linked the old dock to the newer refurbished docks now known as Salford Quays.  Here the place is positively buzzing at the moment with the creation of ‘Media City’, an attempt to drag some of the creative talent and business in general away from London and into the more hospitable north west.  Witness the fact that we now have both the BBC and ITV (the two major free to air channels in the UK) sitting across from each other.

However lets start in the old docks.  Here the principal building is the old soap works, which is being restored alongside housing which is either newly built  or part of warehouse conversions.

(Click on the first picture to start the gallery).


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