Manchester, Salford Quays, a new panorama


On my walk (see previous posts) through Salford Quays, I was lucky enough not to be rained on of course. (For the benefit of all those southerners who think it rains all the time in Manchester – and we all wear flat caps – and carry whippets under one arm….)

Equally, by the time I had walked from the unused Pomona dock to the very used Salford Quays, the sun had started to go down and provide that lovely early evening bonanza for photographers; soft yet radiant light.

Here’s a panorama of the Salford Quays in terms of the core developed area. On the left is the new BBC complex, the gap in the middle is one of the old dock basins which leads to residential apartments.  Next is the Lowry complex and the bridge on the right leads over to the Imperial War Museum. (See next post).

As ever you can click on the picture for an enlarged version


Salford Quays

Salford Quays


3 responses to “Manchester, Salford Quays, a new panorama

  1. I live in (on?) Salford Quays. Nice views, lots of geese, and very peaceful. Can’t ask for much else. Well… a 50ft high gold statue of myself would be cool.

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