There are supermarkets and corner shops….

The Reichstag viewing gallery


I follow quite a few blogs and the number of their followers is testament both to the quality of the blog and the frequency of their postings.  These are the supermarkets of wordpress (IMO).

This week, today in fact, I achieved my 100th follower, which by comparison makes me a corner shop, I guess.  I’m happy with that; I’m a slow and methodical poster who has other things to do as well, including going out and taking the pictures you see on my site.

But a big thanks to all of you who follow me, visit the site and best of all leave comments to inspire me.

I’ve had a couple of emails asking me what the picture is at the top of the site. I thought I’d published it before,but its appropriate to revisit it as I’ve just published some Reichstag pictures.  It is in fact looking down the central “core” of the Reichstag dome.  There are a series of mirrors built into the core and I liked both the ‘looking down’ aspect and also the duplication created by the mirrors.

Thanks to you all, keep looking out for  each other.



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