A word a week photograph challenge – water



A rich vein of opportunity this week – thanks Sue.  I love water; its tranquility, sometimes its anger, its lovely reflections. All these are here, hope you enjoy them.



This is a reservoir above Hayfield in Derbyshire.  I went for a walk last November; the weather couldn’t have been better, the air was crisp and not a breath of wind.




This is Blea Tarn in the Lake District between Langdale and Hardknott Pass.  A few Septembers’ ago on one of our weekends away.

2007 sep Small Water

This is a water called Small Water.  It lies in the lea of High Street.  Again, this was a September and its completely un retouched – it really was that blue!



Spurn Head lies on the east coast of England and is battered by the North Sea.  These are old piles, remains of wooden jetties which were used to land cargo many years ago.





Villa monastero

Lake Como, in Italy.  Not sure I need to add anything to that!





Two years ago we stayed in Aldeburgh in Suffolk.  This was dawn.  I was awake and waited until the fishing boat was in the line of the sun.



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