Kate Bush

There’s been a lot of hype this week, about the return to the stage of Kate Bush. Lest some of you have not registered this fact, Kate has been in performing hibernation for the last 35 years (yes, really!) save for the odd foray into the studio, producing two very good albums.

Now she’s back on stage and I mean that precisely; her new “tour” consists of 22 nights in London- only.

Nothing annoys me more. There are a number of acts who ‘tour’ in this way, expecting fans to bear the expense of travel and London-led ticket prices. As it was, not many peeps shared my views- no surprises there- and 80,000 tickets sold out in 15 minutes, when they went on sale.

None of them went to me. I long since took the view that if a star isn’t prepared to come to Manchester, then I’m not prepared to go to them. OK sometimes I miss out, but, you know, life goes on.
Now, it seems, after the rapturous, almost messianic, opening night of the KB extravaganza, ominous rumblings are detected.

Apparently Kate had the temerity, NOT to sing a couple of her greatest hits, and fans, some of who paid up to £1500 on the ‘grey market’ (i.e. viagogo) are now demanding a refund!

The technical term for this is bizarre, but its what social media does to people. Now I can imagine that Kate will probably be very bored at the end of 22 nights and will be very much looking forward to counting her money, but to expect her to do the same set every night for 22 nights, is frankly, pushing it.
So, it could be that, tonight, or even tomorrow night, she WILL sing Wuthering Heights, who knows?

In the meantime, those whom she has disappointed, should bear in mind one thing.
You pays your money and you takes your choice.
Just like I did.


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