Of all the thousands of photos that I have, I knew exactly which one I was going to use for this Challenge.

Regulars will know that twice a year, ‘the boys’ get together for a walking weekend.  A couple of years ago we were walking out of Buttermere in the Lake District.  The Sunday walk is traditionally an easier walk as we will have pushed ourselves up a big hill on the Saturday event.

So it was that, driving home over Honister Pass, we pulled into the quarry at Honister, to climb Fleetwith Pike.

Fleetwith dominates one side of Buttermere with a classic triangular profile.  However, by climbing to the quarry and walking up the rear face of Fleetwith, we saved ourselves about 1000′ of ascent and about 2 hours in time.

Part way through the quarry, I came across this shattered structure.  I love its forlorn look, half buried in slate, and the lovely colour contrast , which makes it stand out so clearly.

21092008238 21092008239




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