Social Media and other things

It’s an interesting part of life today, that suddenly a new term has crept into your life and you haven’t even realised it. I was reading yet again, this morning, of a Twitter Troll marauding on the ether and terrifying someone and invading their privacy.
I find twitter troll to be something of an oxymoron, with the emphasis on the latter two syllables, in that I have always felt that twitter is best left to the under tens. I have yet to see one twitter that even comes close to be deserving of birth, let alone despatched into the public realm..
Yet that is “Today” isn’t it? I have lost count of the number of articles about the Baby Boomers ( of which I am a proud member) taking “everything” and leaving nothing for their kids and the future generations. I’m not going there today, I insert that reference merely to draw comparison to today’s generation, which I have subtitled the Me Generation, for that is what it looks like to me.

Walking down a street, I suddenly become conscious of the fact that every young person is carrying a phone, not using it, merely holding it waiting for the next text to ‘ping’ into their lives. Sometimes it looks like a sci fi film, sadly, its more to do with a crushingly inward looking way of life of the young. We live in the age of the ‘selfie’; ‘me’ again, along with my Facebook timeline and those annoying self indulgent, self regarding ‘twits’.
The same people holding their phones – waiting – not for long usually, are also, more often than not plugged into their headphones, listening to music and allowing the world to simply pass them by.

And that is what it is doing. Over the last few years, the present UK government has wreaked havoc on the poor and disadvantaged, whilst giving tax breaks to the rich, bailing out the banks, which caused the financial debacle, and for which the poor are now paying in reduced benefits and being branded as social pariahs, because they don’t have a job.

Executive pay rockets, working wages stagnate, or even fall. And where is the youth of today, complaining about their lost opportunities, banding together to plot to bring down this heinous and totally partial government, to effect a greater social cohesion?

Trapped on its timeline, texting its twits, posting yet another selfie. Baby Boomers?

Don’t even think of criticising us; after the “Me Generation” there may not be another one!

I’m off on holiday to N Cyprus this weekend, so this is my last post for two weeks. I may encounter the occasional wifi connection but it can’t be guaranteed. Instead, I’ll enjoy the sun, read and continue writing my novel. Oh, and I’ll take lots of pictures, which I’ll share with you on my return.


2 responses to “Social Media and other things

  1. You do have a firm grip on today’s realities and express yourself so eloquently it is truly a pleasure to read your blogs. It is surprising just how similar our two countries are in terms of Politics, The Media, Social trials and tribulations and just how money and corruption is engrossing lawmakers.
    Take care my friend

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