A Word a week Photography Challenge



Kinder Scout is my local “mountain in the Peak District.  Its a wild desolate place, actually a plateau rather than a ‘pointy top’.  Its lack of features makes it a very exciting place to cross if you know what you’re doing; a dangerous place if you don’t.

One of the features of Kinder is the Kinder Downfall, a waterfall, which flows over the western edge as an outfall from the Kinder river.  This is an excellent objective for a walk.  Sometimes, there isn’t a trickle going over the edge, sometimes a torrent.


Sometimes, as in this case, the wind is so strong (We’re 2000′ up here) it blows the river back “uphill”.  This spray is actually the waterfall going back up again!


Kinder Downfall - going up!

Kinder Downfall – going up!


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