Jack Bruce

Jack Bruce died today, aged 71. For someone like me, born in 1950 and living through every minute of the 60’s and early 70’s (OK, and I’m still going), this is a sad loss.
Jack was a member of Cream, the first ‘super group’ but even then he was underrated. While Clapton took the limelight, its often forgotten that Jack wrote many of the songs that made Cream what they were.
More recently, he toured on a regular basis, favouring small clubs and venues like Band of the Wall in Manchester, where interestingly, I saw Cream in1968.
It was perhaps a sign of the man, that whilst Clapton is only interested in doing a “tour” that constitutes 20 nights at the Albert Hall, Jack got out there and was happy playing to 200 people in all manner of places around the country, like the troubadour that he was.

A rock great, a long time gone.


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