Apologies – and a new panorama

Its been a long time, but rumours of my demise, etc….

Week after week, I go through my reader and am in awe at the output of my fellow bloggers, whilst I, seemingly, languish in some literary doldrums.

I can try and cite some mitigating circumstances; we have been overseeing some work on the house AND on the garden at the same time. (I’m giving up the allotment and converting the top end of the garden to a veg plot – picture of a greenhouse anybody?).  All that takes  time.  However, also at this time of year I produce the family calendars, using my photos, so it can be a revelation to search through my stock and see what I’ve snapped this year.  The good thing about iPhoto, is that it has an automatic file called “the last 12 months” so I don’t even have to remember what I took and where its filed, its all there.

And I’ve been very remiss in not sharing some interesting stuff with you.  So, whilst I get things in order (the calendars are done now) here’s a new panorama from one of our days out.

This was to Castle Howard in Yorkshire (there’ll be a longer post with more pictures) and these are two panoramas of part of the gardens. As usual, you can click on them for a larger image.

Castle Howard gardens



Castlel Howard rose garden



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