The Joy of Shopping

Being a man I don’t do a lot of shopping. When I do, I can generally achieve my objective within 30 minutes, which then usually leaves me with sufficient time to have a couple of beers to celebrate a successful day out.
I don’t generally do a lot of shopping with my wife either, but today I am.
We’re at one of those outlet villages where there’s about 80 shops arranged in a circle. And, apparently, we’re going to do them all.
After the 3rd shop I sense I’m wearing the same glazed expression as the other men I can see.
My wife comes over to where I’m standing.
“Try and show some interest”.
I give her what I think is an interested look.
“How’s this?”
“Don’t give up the day job”.
“I haven’t got a day job, remember? I’m retired”, I mumble. We carry on.
It actually gets easier, there are 2 or 3 cook shops and the Bose shop is this mans’ Aladdin’s Cave.
It’s dark when we leave, much earlier than my estimate of dawn the following morning.
It might be the sense of release – or relief, but I let the car go on the motorway and in no time, were doing 85.
I sense my wife looking at me-
“you’ve got an interested look on your face”…

On a recent visit to Sheffiled to the beer festival, this old steel Bessemer was mounted outside the museum where the festival was held, a strong reminder of Sheffield’s heritage.



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