2014 Peak District, Sunrise sequence

Last week, Wednesday was one of those crisp, cold winter days that photographers dream of.  The cat had done her usual trick of nudging me awake, to feed her and although it was dark, I knew the forecast was good.

So I put on my walking gear and drove up to Edale, parking at the foot of Mam Tor. A brisk walk took me onto the upper slopes and by this time, 7:45, the sun was just appearing over the distant hills.  I was not alone; there were three photographers just above me on the summit already set up with tripods and filters and bags stuffed with, well, stuff.

I snapped these 3 shots on my iPhone as I hadn’t wanted to bring the Canon with me.  Leaving the guys to their deliberations and light meters, I set off to walk the ridge instead, stopping for a break on Back Tor, before making the return journey.

It was a super start to the day and I was back home for elevenses!

IMG_1477_4 IMG_1478_4 IMG_1479_4 IMG_1480_4


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