2015 Don’t Look Back


I’ve loved music all my life, since I was 17, I’ve been buying it,  listening to it, watching it. but there’s one track above all, which often makes me long for those long lost days of youth, Wooden Ships, by CSNY.  Its probably made more redolent by the fact that it is the opening track of the film Woodstock, a film and event above all else, that characterised the 60’s, when I was in my heyday. Now I’m in my 60’s! but it still gives me immense pleasure, and although we should never look back, I find I can’t help myself.  often with a smile, sometimes with a scowl and a curse that I took a wrong turning and this or that happened.

Still, even having done that it allows me to put in perspective the good fortune I now enjoy and the biggest joy is looking forward.  They say the reason that allotmenteers live so long is that they are always planning for next year and this constant looking ahead, keeps them young (at heart) and in good physical shape.

So, whether you dig the ground or dig good music, enjoy your weekend and look forward to next week…



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