I’m an Apple fan. There I said it. For years I was a PC user and then, ooh about 6 years ago, I plunged and bought an iMac. In two weeks, all I thought good was blown away by the sheer pleasure of using this marvellously intuitive tool.
So now, I also have an iPhone and I’m typing this on my iPad in the lounge. Am I worried? No I’m not worried, but I’ve read a couple of articles this week, which, shall we say, give me pause.
They centre around plans by Apple to revamp their stores to make them more upscale; to prevent, and I quote,”the tourists and truants” from crossing their collective thresholds.
Oh dear, not like the old days. The Apple Stores have always been interesting places and the bigger the better. But why else do they lay out all their kit and then suddenly act surprised when “tourists and truants” come in and lay their greasy fingerprints on it?
What’s the problem; is something going wrong? If so, what is it? Well my view is a very singular statement.
Steve isn’t around any more.
OK, you can say,”well, the major players are; Jonny and Tim”.
Sure they are and basically, they’re doing an OK job, helped by the fact that Apple fans will more or less buy anything the company puts out on the market. How many people said there was no market for the iPad? How many tablets are there now on the market?
I think that was the last major development that Steve launched and frankly now it shows.
We’re now talking about gold plated iwatches, courtesy of Jonny Ive, which is the direction he now wants to take the company, apparently. Now Ive has, quite rightly, been feted for most of the iconic designs that are now de facto Apple products. Does that give him the right to think about producing over priced tat for the over-waged?
Maybe, but don’t call it Apple.
My view? Apple are losing it. Steve was a unique character, a hippy designer with a unique brain and conceptual view about how his company should work.
Now he’s gone, the company is changing; it’s direction, to my mind, uncertain.
Will I buy any more Apple products? I don’t know.
One thing I do know, If he were to take a look at Apple now, I don’t think Steve would be very pleased.


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