Jeremy Clarkson and the BBC

One of the facts emerging from this self-styled “fracas” between Clarkson and his producer is the amount of indulgence which is lavished on people, described as “talent”. So, even though this man is rumoured to be taking £6m a year (I hesitate to use the word, ‘earn’) he still expects the BBC to buy him a steak dinner – as well as supply a car and driver to take him home.

It’s not hard to see how such treatment would distort a persons thinking and they began to assume that nothing else matters but them.  This  fits perfectly the view held by many of Clarkson.  I stopped watching Top Gear a long time ago, when it swiftly turned into a puerile weekly run out for 3 boys in men’s bodies – can you really see women acting like they do? No longer is the car anything to be considered other than a vehicle (sorry no pun intended) for their own antics and self-styled rapier-like wit.

People would point to the 800,000 strong petition to re-instate Clarkson, probably also signed by our PM, who considers him a “friend”.  What they forget is that the programme, with all its faults (IMO) attracts an audience of several million, so more people don’t want him back than those who do.

There are other, far better programmes, which showcase cars, if you’re interested. I recently watched a very measured and thoughtful programme called the Petrol Age, fronted by Paul McGann.  It was intelligent, unassuming and fascinating, with McGann happy to let the content do most of the talking.  There is also the Classic Car Show, which again has a more unassuming and less laddish approach.

So its to be hoped that the BBC sees this through and gets rid of Clarkson. Oh, he’ll be snapped up by another corporation in the this moral desert known “Meedja”, but at least the Beeb will have taken a stand against an overbearing bully with an over-inflated view of his own self-importance.



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