Manchester, The Whitworth Gallery

The Whitworth Gallery in Manchester has recently re-opened after a multi- million pound facelift and new extension.  This has transformed what was a small but nevertheless impressive gallery into a much larger building with some quite stunning gallery space rivalling much bigger and more famous galleries.

We visited on a rainy Sunday and it was gratifying to see so many people doing the same thing.  Not just, I would suggest, because it was raining.  My objective was not to photo any of the exhibits.  Many people were doing so, but it is never my intention to do that, although you will see glimpses of them within these photos.  My aim was to show off the impressive spaces here.  There is one exception to this and that is the stunning exhibit by a Korean artist, who uses gunpowder to trace out his drawings, extinguishing the gunpowder before it can permanently damage the paper, yet leave a burned imprint on the canvas.  This huge hanging display surrounded a pool of water and visitors were allowed in only a few at a time so as to be able to savour the magnificence of the exhibit.

Click on the 1st picture to activate the slide show.




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