The Singing, Ringing Tree


Not a fairy story I’m afraid, though I guess you could create one easily enough.

I was reminded of this from the newspaper last week as a list has just been published in the UK of 21 landmarks for the 21st century. Things like Angel of the North (see a previous post of mine), Coventry Cathedral, etc.

But the Singing Ringing Tree? OK, its correct name is a Panopticon. It sits high on the moors above Burnley, a gruff town in the north of England, looking down upon its mills and rows of terraced houses.

The Panopticon is part of a number sculptures forming a trail acorss the north and we happened across this on one of our trips out.
There was an intriguing sign, then a parking space by the road and a typical moorland path snaking off into the distance. We threaded our way across heather and bracken, climbing steadily until the path straightened out and there, in the distance, what is it? And what’s that noise; a moan, a hum, a tune?

We hastened on. Until, there it was, the singing ringing tree. A sculpture composed of hollow pipes set at different angles and when the wind blows, veers, gusts, blasts, the tone from the pipes changes. We sat in the sunshine entranced, as the tune wafted over us, sending eerie notes across teh valley and occasionally, shivers down our spine.


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