I’m in between things. Its Summer going to Autumn and I’ve not been away this year, not in a major way anyway. Does this same feel unsettled, maybe? In a weeks’ time we’re going to Lisbon and I hope that will be good.  Unashamedly, we’re going as far west as we can to avoid the whole refugee thing.  Sorry but I don’t see it as my problem. People moving across not only time zones, but cultures also, will never settle adequately and the nett result is a massive cost to the receiving government / state, certainly in the short term.  In the long term, this can result in massive unrest; this leads to crime and a whole sub-culture borne out of this one thing.

Far better to allocate money, as the UK is doing, to camps near to the refugee’s borders, so that, with regime change, they can return to their own homes.  This requires, certainly, intervention by the US, which so far is sadly lacking.  Sadly, this is because they see no value in it for them, which is in itself sad, for the world’s peacekeepers. Its not just about OIL guys!

In the meantime, there is a whole raft of people in the UK, who are. somewhat predictably, sucked into the whole charity thing, well to those people, I have to say , not in my name, but for the best possible reasons.

Here, for no reason at all to do with this post, is a shot of Lake Como.

Villa Monastero from the garden

Villa Monastero from the garden


One response to “Sunday

  1. The Villa Monastero is fantastic.
    Enjoy your adventure to Lisbon and beyond.

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