Still not all in it together

Living in England, there is a vague suggestion that we somehow have things better than in what is perceived as our poorer cousins, Wales and Scotland. However two articles in today’s papers – no make that three- suggest otherwise.

Firstly, I read of Welsh Water, a wholly owned co-operative, refunding money to its customers as it is now not a privatised cash cow, but owned by its customers. This was their dividend, money back in their pockets. What a refreshing change.

Meanwhile, north of the border, the Scots will be rubbing their hands together when they learn that their average pay is now more than that in England.

A part of this is due to the way Scotland reacted to the 2008 financial crisis, but much of it is down to the fact that this odious government continues to nothing about the restrictive employment practices, which have allowed the proliferation of zero hour contracts, the ridiculous austerity measures, which penalise only three poor, whilst allowing executive pay to sky-rocket.

And the third item? Well I suppose it applies everywhere, but once again, we see that wholesale energy costs over the last 12 months have plummets. Have consumer rates falls likewise? No, if at all, they have in he down slightly, resulting in a net windfall to the energy companies estimated to be now £3bn. The governments response? They’re going conduct a review of the situation. This is a government which has taken doing nothing into the realms of an art form, whilst still trying to convince the voters that “we’re all in this together”.



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