Cremona Italy

Rather like discovering photos scattered on the floor, I found these lurking in a dark corner of my desktop.

Cremona is a town in northern Italy, a little way south of Milan.  Amongst other things (maybe its the main thing) its the birthplace of Antonio Stradivari, he of the violins. We first discovered it on one of our Grand Tours, where it was a staging post driving from Florence to Lake Garda.  We stayed at the dell’Arte hotel, an ultra modern homage to modern art,  and exploring the town, we walked through an arch in the city walls, up a slight incline and turned into the square to be shocked almost by this stunning architecture.

Its one of the features of Italy, of course, which makes it so attractive to tourists and beloved by its residents. There’s a museum containing many Stradivarius , all hung by invisible wires in reinforced glass cases, subtly lit, so that they appear to be floating.  Simply magical.  Unfortunately, no photos are allowed.

Later on, I was lucky enough to be working in Cremona, barely able to believe my luck, and the guy I was working for told me that the Stradivari violins in the museum are regularly played to ensure they remain good working order and took me to one of the lunchtime recitals.

Imagine! Living in this provincial town in Italy and going to free Stradivari concerts every month!! Unbelievable!

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