Is it Spring? It feels like it.



Yesterday, the day dawned cloudless and after what seemed like months of tedious, wet weather, it felt like spring.

Of course there’s still a week to go before the Equinox, but that didn’t stop me pulling on a fleece top and getting out into the garden. We had spent a fair few days recently staring through windows, compiling a list of ‘prune that, move that, etc.’ so it wasn’t difficult to get started.

There was something liberating about being out there; finally it felt as if the year was beginning and indeed, buds were abounding on the pear tree, the hydrangeas and the crocus were trumpeting proudly in their trough.

I pruned the apple tree and the plum tree. The former is an old lady now, it was a fully grown and productive tree when we moved in 30 years ago, but now, I prefer to see it as an old lady who graces the garden with her presence and displays herself rather than work hard to produce apples.

Not so for the plum tree, which will be laden with fruits and supplies us with plum gin to see us through the winter months.

The sun stayed with me all day, until, creaking to a halt, I decided it was time for the first GnT of the year (I can only drink them with the sun on my face).

We sat on the bench surveying the day’s work. The broad beans are through in the greenhouse, the tomato and chilli seeds are planted and the forecast is good for tomorrow.

It felt good.


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